Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kauai Traditional Healing `Aha - April 28th, 2012 - Kauai

Kaua`i Traditional Healing `Aha
`Aha Mauli Ola
April 28th, Saturday, 2012
Queen Lili`uokalani Children’s Center

Aloha mai kakou,

I would like to formally invite you to the Kaua`i Traditional Healing `Aha on Saturday, April 28th at Queen Lili`uokalanai Children’s Center, 8am-3pm.  This is an important `Aha that will help shape the future of Traditional Hawaiian Healing on Kaua`i. 

The activity is coordinated by Sean Chun of Ho`ola Lahui and the Kaua`i `Aha Council, which includes Alu Like, DHS, Good Beginnings, Queen Lili`uokalanai Children’s Center, and East Kaua`i Drug Prevention Education Team.

We are inviting traditional healing practitioners, Native Hawaiian service providers, health care providers, and community members to partake in this `aha.

Planned Activity: The purpose of this `aha mauli ola is to gather and unite the community of Kaua`i and share various issues and successes in the field of Traditional Hawaiian Healing.  We will also be sharing some recent work done in traditional healing, and the current state of well-being of Native Hawaiians.  Overall, we wish to continue and perpetuate traditional healing practices to build and establish a thriving, healthy Native Hawaiian community.

The main focus of this `aha mauli ola is to seek input from the community on creating the process to recognize such traditional healers to help establish their practices among the Kaua`i community, and integrate these practices into the community.

We will be addressing these issues through break-out sessions with questions designed to help focus an outcome that will best benefit the Kaua`i community. 

Lunch will be provided.

Please contact Sean Chun, 635-5255 or, to confirm your attendance.

Me ke aloha no, 
Sean Chun

8:00                         Registration
8:30                         Opening, introductions, pule
9:00-10:00            Overview of the Day
                        History of Native Hawaiian Healers.
·      Current State of Our Traditional Hawaiian Healing Practices.
·      Traditional History of Hawaiian Healing.
·      Some Facts About Native Hawaiian Health.
10:15-11:30            Break-Out Session I.
·      Question I: What defines a Native Hawaiian healer?
·      Question II: How do we bring recognition to our healers on Kaua`i?
11:45-12:30             Lunch.
12:30-1:45            Second Break-Out Session II.
·      Question III: What vision do you have for traditional healing in Kaua`i communities?
2:00-2:45            Report Back.  Sharing What Others Think.
·      Traditional healing today.
·      Overview of Traditional Healing and Current Activities in the Community.
2:45-3:00            What’s Next for Traditional Healing?
                        Closing, mahalo, pule

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