Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ingredients Hawaii World Premiere - February 4th, 2012 - Oahu

Ingredients Hawaii World Premiere
Director’s Notes:
The decision to make a Hawaii version of Ingredients came after a pretty good twist of the arm by Ed Kenney and Gary Maunakea Forth. It also began with the help of our initial sponsors, Whole Foods, and the Hawaii Department of Agriculture; and subsequently the support of Kamehameha Schools and the Hawaii Council for the Humanities.

A documentary film is not necessarily planned, but discovered. My intention was to let the people who work in the new food system tell their story and my part of it would be to give them a voice in the noisy media marketplace. But it wasn’t until I stood thigh deep in mud at Mahuahua Ai o Hoi on a community workday that I knew what the film was all about. Being a resident of Hawaii means being connected to land and all the people we share Hawaii with, especially the Native Hawaiian community whose ancestors invented complex and extensive food producing systems that worked in concert with the environment.

An enhanced local food community in Hawaii has many tangible results – improved community relations, environment preservation, healthier food on the table – but it also has the possibility to serve as a model of culturally-based food production that we can share with the world.
Enjoy the film!

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