Monday, January 30, 2012

`Ike Ku`oko`a - The Newspaper Typescripting Project - Any One, Any Where can participate!

Over 125,000 pages of Hawaiian-language newspapers were printed in over a hundred different papers from 1834 to 1948. They equal a million or more typescript pages of text - perhaps the largest native-language cache in the western world. They became an intentional repository of knowledge, opinion and historical progress as Hawaiʻi moved through kingdom, constitutional monarchy, republic and territory, yet only 2% of that repository has been integrated into our English-speaking world today.  'Ike Kū'oko'a is a dynamic move to change that percentage and to open up this resource for general access today.

‘Ike Kū‘oko‘a — Liberating Knowledge is working to take 60,000 digital scans of Hawaiian-language newspapers that were printed from 1834 to 1948 and transcribing them into searchable typescript.

Your ‘Ike Ku‘oko‘a Homepage When you register for the ‘Ike Ku’oko’a  project, the File Center will guide you to create your own Homepage. Once your Homepage is set up, you may request a page to type from the File Center. When you reserve a page, it is for you alone. Please complete typing the page within seven days. If you are not able to finish your page in seven days, the File Center will give you one seven-day extension. If you are not finished with your page at the end of the extension, the File Center will return your page to the data bank. If for any reason you cannot complete your page, you may cancel your reservation, and the page will return to the data bank.

Community Service Hours If you are volunteering on the ‘Ike Ku’oko’a project to fulfill community service hours, please indicate that on your Homepage. If you need verification of your community service, notify the File Center at

GUIDELINES FOR VOLUNTEER TYPISTS - Download the guidelines and place it on your desktop for quick reference as you work - click here 

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